We at Monapula Safaris would like to thank all that was part of our journey trough 2014. Thank you for each and everyone that had a great time with us in Africa and became part of the family. We wish you all a great 2015 and hope to see you all again soon. To our new customers that we still have to meet in 2015 , we trust that we will serve you well and that you will leave as friends and family.

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Christmas Greetings :

Shooting Show Finale :

Come and visit us at the Dallas Safari Club Show in Dallas from the 15th to the 19th of January 2015 at Booth # 3640/3642 – African Dreams

Let 2015 be the year to do the Safaris you always just dreamed of , allow us to help you to make that dream come true.

Hunt to Preserve

Larno Rens

Cari Swari – Canadian client form African Dreams – Feedback from tour in Feb. ’14

Before I came to Africa I had no idea how conservation and hunting worked. After my amazing journey I now realize that conservation and hunting work hand in hand. I am not a hunter but I toured with the most amazing guide who educated me about conservation and hunting in Africa. I’m so thankful for my time in Zambia and Namibia.

For all the “haters” making comments on this page, I encourage you you to educate yourselves. Hunting isn’t poaching. True hunters and conversationalists in Africa will not poach or orphan baby animals.

The animal kingdom in Africa is cruel. Animals are eaten alive and suffer on a daily basis.

Im not a hunter. I will likely never be a hunter but I respect the men and women who provide the food I eat. While in Africa I ate zebra, gemsbok, springbok, khudu and Eland. I respect the animal and the provider.

We wish all of you a wonderful and blessed 2014. May all your dreams come true.

Monapula Safaris

Eastern Cape Bushbuck Eastern Cape Bushbuck

Thank you to my good friends at Taxidermy Africa in Humansdorp for their professional and awesome work on this old ram. This was an old fighter due to all the scars on his face , they had a very difficult time to pull the skin into the correct place. The concern was that the skin would tare due the thinness on the scare , especially around the eyes , but these guys did a excellent job , as always.

Now waiting for my Gemsbuck mount to be finished :-)

Larno Rens




Hunting season is here.

The 2013 hunting season has arrived and opens Saturday the 1st of June. What a great and exciting way to start your weekend with on a hunt in the beginning of the season. To all the hunters that are hunting this weekend and season , all the best , keep safety first and hunt with the means to preserve for the generations to come and let your shooting be straight. To all those of you that still have not book your hunt for 2013 , contact us so that we can put a hunt together just for you , that will suite your pocket and will always be close to your heart as a hunter in Africa. Try us and you will wanting to come back and back and back and …………..

Do not wait to long , tomorrow may be to late.

Hunt to preserve




Outfitters 4 Africa


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Back to Africa 2013 Special – Book now

Plainsgame special = US $ 2 900
Impala , Common Springbuck , Warthog , Duiker , Baboon
5 Nights and 4 Days
African Bush special = US $ 2 900
Warthog , Bushpig , Common Duiker , Steenbok , Black Back Jackal
5 Nights and 4 Days
Big Show special = US $ 6 500
East Cape Kudu , Waterbuck , Bushbuck , Eland
5 Nights and 4 Days

Hunt November 2012

We just finished a great hunt with 4 clients from Chez Replubic. 2 Ph’s and 21 animals in 7 days. Hard hunting , but it was all worth the effort. Landed a 28 ” Nyala and a beautifull 28″ Lechwe bull. My .308 Howa rifle did a great job , bringing down a big Eland bull at 160m down with one shot , a Black Wildebeest bull at 310m with one shot and many more. I must say that the hunter behind the rifle did a excellent job with shot placement , Ivan’s and Herka’s trophies came all down with one perfect shot. Congratulations my new friends on a excellent hunt and great times spend. Looking forward to see you again soon.

Hunt to preserve



Crocodile hunting

Hi guys ! Check out our croc hunt episode on The Shooting Show.

Problem Buffalo

We just recieved news of a Buffalo bull ( 36 – 38 inch ) that broke out of it’s area and that need to be hunted very quickly. This deal can be sold for ZAR 110 000 , all inclusive , 3- 5 day hunt . Any interested hunters let me know quickly !

Hunt to preserve


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