Our first trip to Africa ! A dream come true. What a beautiful country , wonderful people and great food. Larno you have been so fantastic , gracious and patient. You have made our trip even more than we could imagine. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

John & Audry Taggert

This was the greatest experience we have ever had a change to live so far in our lives, with Larno and his family. We truly felt at home , relaxed and overwhelmed with the African people ! It was so nice not to be treated as tourists but as family.

The hunting was so professional , lots of wild life , so knowledgeable and patient .

Made me proud to be a hunter.

Food was great !


Glen and Cathy Ockerman

Thanks for a good hunt and good food. From the best PH’s

Hans Malmquist

Thank you for a very nice time !! Veru much nice hunting , a lot of nice animals and very nice and good food and a lot of laugh.

Thanks !!

Henrik Falk

This was my first hunting trip , but surely not my last. It has been most enjoyable and educating. The accommodation , the staff , the company and the food has been terrific. THANKS !

Torlief Malmbom

Thank you for a very nice organized week for me and my six friends. Great hunts , nice accommodation , lovely food and most of all , great company.

Bjorn Falk

Thanks so much for a wonderful time and making the trip everything we dreamed it would be ! Can’t wait to be back chasing game soon !

Tim Woytuck and Justin Bonogofski

Before I came to Africa I had no idea how conservation and hunting worked. After my amazing journey I now realize that conservation and hunting work hand in hand. I am not a hunter but I toured with the most amazing guide who educated me about conservation and hunting in Africa. I’m so thankful for my time in Zambia and Namibia.

For all the “haters” making comments on this page, I encourage you you to educate yourselves. Hunting isn’t poaching. True hunters and conversationalists in Africa will not poach or orphan baby animals.

The animal kingdom in Africa is cruel. Animals are eaten alive and suffer on a daily basis.

Im not a hunter. I will likely never be a hunter but I respect the men and women who provide the food I eat. While in Africa I ate zebra, gemsbuck, springbok, kudu and Eland. I respect the animal and the provider.
Cari Swari – Canadian client form African Dreams – Feedback from tour in Feb. ’14

Cari Swari

We recently took our first trip to Africa, our entire trip was through Monapula Safaris and they exceeded our expectations in every way. We traveled with our 5 year old and Larno was so amazing including her and making sure we also did fun activities she would enjoy. Thank you Monapula Safaris for everyting! Can’t wait to come back

Niki Hopaluk

We had a great tour with Larno Rens. Loved Africa and the care he took to show us this wonderful place!

Gladys Wigg